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Service prices

3 hours close protection + chauffeur £500

6 hours close protection + chauffeur £750

8 hours close protection + chauffeur £1000

Residential Security Monitoring Services

Personal and property protection

Homeowners face an ever growing assortment of security and safety concerns. It can be nerve-wracking to get a call, that your alarm system has started to go off at 3:00 AM on a snowy, cold night. Every minute of every day,Bomarc Ltd can provide you with superior residential security monitoring solutions that are ready to serve and protect, regardless of what time it is

  • 24h protection
  • Peace of mind that everything is going to be safe
  • Discreet service

Doorman Services

For Bars, Venues and Special Events

At Bomarc Ltd. we know that the doorman that is provided by our company serves as the first and last contact for every individual entering and exiting your premises, so we make sure that every doorman we assign is trained in resident and guest relations, delivery procedures, emergency situations and more.

A doorman in London must be reliable, alert and always attentive. That’s why to become a doorman at Bomarc Ltd. individuals undergo thorough background checks, and extensive training. Only then do they qualify as dependable doormen for our company.

Guard your VIP now

Contact us now

If you’re a VIP, executive, celebrity, rapper, artist, politician, banker or just looking for personal protection and are looking to hire a bodyguard, Bomarc Security offers the expertise you can trust. Some of the world’s rich and famous trust our bodyguards to keep them safe.

Furthermore, we are trained experts in private security, being able to provide staff for movie set security, private vip transportation, private security for executives and celebrities and even personal concierge services which require discreet operations by trained professionals.